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The Northwest Pennsylvania K-9 Search and Rescue is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that provides support to emergency services such as police and fire departments during incidents involving missing persons. Our canine teams are trained in live find searches and human remains detection on land or in water. We are also ready to respond to searches following natural or man made disasters. It is our mission to assist local emergency agencies in rescue and recovery missions any time day or night.

We serve Crawford, Erie, Forest, Mercer, Warren, and Venango Counties in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Quick dispatch is crucial to a successful search. As such, please contact us at the onset of the incident through Crawford County 911 Center at the number below.


Dispatch: (800) 223-3008 For Emergency Use Only Please

Alternative emergency contact number for those outside of Pennsylvania, call: (814) 460-0345

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Technical Rescue

We are trained in the technical skills needed to locate and rescue a lost person

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K-9 Teams

We have canine teams trained in trailing, air scent, and cadaver searches on land and in water

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What other services do we offer?

We offer outreach to the community and also continuing education

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