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Northwest Pennsylvania
Search and Rescue

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K9 Teams

This is Chance with his K9 handler Gust Argerus.  Chance was born on 11-10-12 and started search and rescue training at seven weeks old.  He is currently training to pass the IPWDA land HRD certification with the goal of forensic recovery specialty.  Chance attended the 2014 NSDA seminar held at the Indiana DHS K9 traning grounds at Camp Atterdury Indiana and is a recent graduate of Cadaver dog training program at Western Carolina University.  Gust is a NASAR SAR TECH III, a PA DCNR FTL as well as an Erie CERT USAR Team Member.  Gust as completed the WCU Bone Identification class and completed certification in airborne pathogens, crime scene preservation, and HazMat Operations and many other SAR related courses to assist with SAR operations.

Hiya, my name is Dexter and I am a Blue German Shepard and my human is Michelle. We've been training in Search and Rescue since I was almost 8 weeks old. I'm currently working towards certification in air scent. I love having a job and getting to explore so many different places. I am my human's third search partner which means I sometimes have to remind her that I am my own unique personality. My favorite way to do this, is by acting a little silly and making her laugh. I love the sound of human laughter. Even though I am very young, we have had a lot of adventures together. I can't wait to see where our next adventure will take us. I'm not all work and no play. My favorite thing to do when I'm not working is play with my awesome Frisbee. It's the best toy in the whole world!!


Hi my name is Eli. A lot of people ask what kind of dog I am. My dad is a Treeing Walker and my mom is a Red-tick Coonhound. So I guess that makes me a stubborn lovable hound mix. My human partner is Amy. I love her and she rescued me so I want to pay it forward. I train very hard how to find people and how to help rescue others. My area of concentration is trailing for live find. I have passed my S.T.A.R. puppy test, Canine Good Citizen certification, and have recently earned certification for Trailing Type III through the American Working Dog Association. I am continuing my obedience and working towards my certification for Advanced Canine Good Citizen. My human partner, Amy is a certified DCNR certified Field Team Leader and Field Team Member. We love our job and consider ourselves fortunate to be able to work together doing what we loveā€¦. Helping others.

Hi there, my name is Google! I am a black lab mix adopted from the Humane Society of Northwest PA. I am a lean, mean, goofy, people-finding search machine! My humans are Heather and Shane who have lots of experience as pet trainers and handlers. We have been training since I was about 5 months old and I am certified as a live find air scent dog. In addition to my work as a search dog, I am also a certified therapy dog and go to work with my mom at PSU Behrend as the unofficial "lab" research dog. On my downtime, I love playing with other dogs, cats, humans, toys, and really everyone and anything I can!

Hi my name is Shalimar's Captain Jack Sparrow C.G.C. and I am a Standard Schnauzer. My human partner's name is Sandy. We are working together to be a great trailing team. We like working in both urban an rural areas and have been training for over a year. Sandy is a certified DCNR field team leader, a member of NADOI, NDGAA and APOTC.

Hello, I am Java (the computer language not the drink). I am a little humane society pup with a huge attitude. I was born in December of 2013. My dad, Shane, is a little bit of a nerd (hence my name :)) but he's cool so I'll stick with him. He is known as the team tech guy. He loves being out in the woods and enjoys watching us work along with helping others learn the skills it takes to be a responder. I also love learning new tricks and how to get things done from my big brother Google and my mom Heather.

Hello, this is Kandi who is a Labrador, she was born on July 4th, 2010.  Her owner and handler is Ben, together they have spent much time training to be an effective air scent team since they joined the team in 2011.  Together we work to better ourselves in order to be there and help find those that are lost and missing when the time comes.  With much work we were able to achieve the PSARC Air Scent certification.

My  name is Alexis Rae, but I prefer Lexie!  I am the newest K9 member of our SAR team.  I was born on July 17th 2015.  I was introduced to "my team" in November at the age of 4 months.  I am an Airedale; my ancestry is one of strong and fearless working dogs.  My handler Kathy (she is the most important human in my life) and I are working extremely hard to be prepared to test for my CGC certification.  When we are not in obedience class we are out in the field with the rest of the team working on our SAR skills.  Secretly this is what I enjoy the most.  At home I love ruff housing the Roxie, my furry sister and favorite companion.  Then there is Rickie the Cat who enjoys my constant attention!  Kathy is a nurse and has always enjoyed working with and helping people in any situation.  Our goal is to work hard and to be the best we can be and become an integral part of our team.

Hello!  My name is Luna, and my best friend and handler is Steven.  I was born on December 7th, 2014.  I am relatively new to the team.  My handler and I have been training together since I was 7 months of age.  I am currently working my way towards being certified in air scent.  I love my job and look forward to doing it every week.  I have taken a basic obedience class already and am working on getting my Canine Good Citizen and Advanced Canine Good Citizen.  My best friend is working on getting his Field Team Member and Field Team Leader certification so that we can be a great team and make a difference in the community!

Hi my name is Malachi and this is my handler Audrey.  I was born October 21, 2012 and started training when I was seven weeks old.  I am certified through the American Working Dog Association for live find air scent and have my Canine Good Citizen certification as well as my therapy dog certification.  My handler is certified through the DCNR as a Field Team Leader and is also working for certifications through the Appalachian Search and Rescue Conference.  This year I have also begun training for human remains detection and hope to achieve certification soon.
This LuAnn and her K9 partner Doogan. Doogan is a German Shepherd and is certified in Air Scent through the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council and in Human Remains Detection through the International Police Work Dog Association. Doogan is also a Therapy Dog through Therapy Dogs United. LuAnn is a Search Specialist through the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council and has taken courses in Managing Search Operations, Crime Scene Preservation, and Scent Theory. LuAnn and Doogan have been working in the field of search and rescue since 2007.

Hello my name is Ratchet and my handler's name is Colleen. I'm a tank with nitrous boost! We are both working very hard and "fast" for my CGC and certification in trailing. My handler Colleen is a DCNR Field Team Leader.


Hi!  I am Wensdae, named after the daughter on The Addams Family, not the day.  I was born April 16, 2014, and I wen tto live with my mom a few weeks later.  I am a little on the small side for a lab, my mom just calls me her "portable lab".  I love my job as a trailing dog on our team, I get to find people, how cool is that?  Sometimes when working you will see me turn back and look at my mom.  She thinks I am doing thsi because I want her help.  I really do this to make her feel like she is actually helping, don't tell her though, okay?

This is Zoe, she is a border collie. While she might be the smallest dog on the team those big dogs don't have anything on her. She is certified in human remains detection and is working towards certifying in trailing. Zoe is very smart and has enough energy for 2 dogs! Adam is Zoe's partner. He is a firefighter with the City of Erie Fire Department. Adam is a DCNR Field Team Leader, a NASAR SAR TECH III, and is a Technical Search Specialist in the Urban Search and Rescue system. Adam has trained extensively in SAR management as well so he can help run and organize searches.

Search Responders


Hi! My name is Cait and I'm a search responder with the team. I helpout with trainings & search calls while learning as much as I can. I hope to get a canine partner soon so I can help out even more :)

Auxiliary Members

An avid animal lover and community service advocate, Lori joined the team in 2011 as a Search Responder and was certified as a DCNR Field Team Leader.  She has since stepped back to an auxiliary position in order to spend more time on fundraising and promoting the team and its mission to the community.  Lori also holds the position as team treasurer.
Adam is currently certified as an ASRC Field Team Member.  Before joining the team, Adam enjoyed everything about the outdoors.  He has been able to take his love for the outdoors and put it towards something that genuinely helps people.  Being on the team has allowed him to improve existing and learn new skills that help keep himself and others safe, such as map and compass navigation, search techniques, semi-technical rescue, and high angle rescue.