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Northwest Pennsylvania
Search and Rescue
Our Retired Members

Hiya, my name is Broadway and I am a German Shepard. I have been working with my human since I was about 9 weeks old. We've done so many cool things together like camping, riding on a zip line, and once I even got to go inside Hershey's chocolate factory. I didn't get to taste the chocolate, my handlers says it's bad for me, but is sure did smell yummy inside. Together we have met hundreds of people. My favorite is always meeting little kids in strollers. There always seems to be food hidden in those things! I also love showing people that just began I am a Shepard, doesn't mean that I am mean. When little kids or adults would come up to me and they would smell like fear, I would always try to show them that I am gentle and just want a little love and attention. I have been told by many people that I give the best hugs. In December of 2014, I had to retire. My body is tired and the job was getting too hard. While a part of me misses going out to training every Sunday, I have to admit that I do enjoy getting to sleep in. And when my handler comes home, we get to play ball together. Retirement is pretty good.

Some of Broadway's working days.....