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Our Canine Teams


Below is a brief summary of the canine disciplines within search and rescue as well as how they work.

Trailing Dogs

A trailing dog works starts with a scent article.. A scent article is used so the dog can pick up the subject's scent and trail. The dog may waiver from the person's actual track by several feet by cutting corners and using the wind to his advantage. The dog is generally in a harness attached to a 20 -30 foot lead.

Air Scent Dogs

The air scent dog works off lead, ranging back and forth in an area to pick up the human scent left by the subject. Ranging often takes the dog out of sight for several minutes at a time, so the handler must trust his dog and listen for an alert. Once the dog gets the subject's scent, he moves in to its source. The dog must then "alert" by returning to the handler and "indicating" her in some way that the handler should follow. The dog then "refinds" the subject and leads the handler to the subject.

Cadaver Dogs

Cadaver dogs are trained to find deceased human beings at various sstages of decomposition. They generally work off-lead and indicate to the handler that they have found something by "indicating" in some way that they have located it. This can be performed on land (buried, elevated, or surface), or on water.  

Technical Rescue

We are trained in the technical skills needed to locate and rescue a lost person

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K-9 Teams

We have canine teams trained in trailing, air scent, and cadaver searches on land and in water

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What other services do we offer?

We offer outreach to the community and also continuing education

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